Welcome to Rust+ 2x

A slightly modded Rust server featuring 2x gather, increased stack rate, enhanced loot and more Quality of Life plugins!

We have active, non-playing admins that spectate. Our Chat Mods are also active, but will be normal players who moderate to ensure the server runs smoothly and to answer any questions you may have.

Server Status

Server Status: offline.
Population: 0 / 100

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Last (Full) Wipe: 10/24/19
Next (Full) Wipe: 11/7/19

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Our Rules

All of our rules are subject to change at any time. Some rules here may be bent at some occasions at owner/admin discretion. Please contact Dookie/Ryz0r for more information.

  1. The trade plugin should not be abused and while raid block should help, we will be enforcing amusement of this such as trading during or after a raid to move loot. Be fair.

  2. There will be NO racism, or toxicity on the server. These are not tolerated at any costs.

  3. Cheating/hacking, exploiting or abusing glitches are not allowed in the server.

  4. VAC and game bans may be allowed at the admins discretion. We investigate every player who joins with these. We do request that if you have a ban, message an admin or make your profile public. No excessive amount of bans from other servers.

  5. There will be no allies, or teaming. No taking monuments together as this is also seen as teaming/allying. A small server can not have teams of 8.

  6. There is a maximum amount of 4 people allowed per group. This is to promote PVP. 4 people includes offline and online players, so it is a dead maximum of 4.

  7. English only in chat. No spamming or advertising. No complaing about being raided.


Although our staff team is small, we are usually always active and willing to help. Feel free to contact us at any times.


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